Your Pet Deserves The Best

Get pet ID tags from PetIDTag and keep your little furry friend safe. 
Why Your Pet Deserves to Get a Pet ID Tag?

Did you know that one-third of pets get lost or stolen? And no, not many return to their owners. Can you do anything to protect your cat or dog? Certainly! Get in touch with PetIDTag right this minute to order a pet tag that will enable you to find your pet faster and easier. 

Instant recognition is possible for owners who decide to get personalised pet tags, as people will be able to instantly spot your dog in case they run away.  

All information kept in one place allows anyone who stumbles upon a lost dog or cat to easily get in touch with the owner and return the pet home. 

Affordable additional layer of safety for your pet is what you get with our pet tags for your cat or dog who already has a microchip.  

Don’t hesitate any longer - get one of our pet tags for your little explorer so that you know that even if they wander off, you will be able to find them more easily! 

Engraved Pet Tags- What To Put On Them?

 You can get really creative when it comes to the info that you want to put on engraved pet tags. Owners have moved pass the typical name, address, and phone number, and decide to fully personalise the pet tag and ensure that whoever finds your lost cat or dog can reach you quickly. 

In general, pet owners decide to engrave:

Their pet’s name

Their home address

Owner’s phone number

Pet’s medical needs

 A personalised message

But what you are going to include in the end depends solely on you and your preferences - just ensure that you have all the necessary data that will bring the little one home quickly and safely!

If you are unsure of what to put on engraved pet tags - consult with us! We’ve been in the industry for many years and will be able to provide valuable advice. 

Why Choose Pet ID Tag?

We are the most reliable provider of pet ID tags in Australia. We continue to perfect our services so that you can rely on us 100% when in need of pet tags for your cat or dog. 

Personalised service. For PetIDTag, this is more than a job - what drives us is our genuine love and care for pets. Our goal is to ensure quality and happy life for all the pets and their owners by providing solutions that will keep them together. 

Raising Awareness. Since the first day we established PetIDTag, we strived to educate the community about what it takes to be a good pet owner and what good pet care includes. It goes beyond being there for your cat or dog when they wish to play or cuddle. It takes your complete dedication and attention, at all times. And this is what we continue to remind you of the measures of precaution that will ensure the absolute safety of your pet.   

Community work. We know that despite ours and your greatest efforts, there is still a multitude of stray cats and dogs living on lonely Australian streets. But we don’t want to just give up on them but do whatever is in our power to rescue them and create a better life. We sponsor numerous pet rescue organisations who work tirelessly to provide a roof over their heads and ensure they are not wandering the streets hungry, thirsty, or lonely.  

We are among the best in our business - not only do we provide proud pet owners with high-quality products, but we also strive to provide the community with the means to create a better environment for all cats and dogs out there.  

Browse through our selection of pet tags and discover the one that matches your pets personality best!

Why Our Pet ID Tags Are The Best On The Market

In addition to our widely-praised customer service, we boast top quality products. Our pet ID tags are carefully designed to meet your specific needs and serve you for years. From our earliest days, we partnered with Red Dingo because they proved its worth and pride themselves in an exceptional quality of their products. 

Wide range of products. To make your pet easily recognisable, it is important to choose a pet ID tag that stands out from all the rest on the market. This is where PetIDTag jumps in - we are known as one of the most diverse providers of pet ID tags in Australia. Our range includes everything from stainless steel tags, enamel, glitter, and diamante tags, to brass and plastic tags. They come in countless colours and design and can be personalised and engraved to state any info you deem is important. 

Personalised pet tags. Pet ID Tags offers to its pet-lovers engraved pet tags and personalised pet tags so that you can give your furry friend a unique accessory no other cat or dog owns. Whatever colour, design, shape, or material you can think of, rest assured that PetIDTag has it in storage. 

First-grade pet ID tags. Choosing Red Ringo as our business partner was one of the smartest moves we made - we ensured that each one of our clients receives a pet ID tag that is designed with their little furry friends in mind. 

Reliable service. You can count on us to deliver pet ID tags that you order in a timely manner. As soon as you place an order, we will inform you of the date when you can expect it to be at your location - and you can rest assured that it will not be late, not even by a day. And should anything happen to the tag - we are here for you to solve the issue. 

Ease of access. Our pet tags in Australia are widely available, and we continue to spread and reach more people. Soon we hope that we will cover the entire continent and be at every Aussie and their pet’s reach. The ultimate goal is to be able to deliver our pet ID tags to any corner of Australia in no more than a few days so that you can secure your pet as soon as possible. 

Guaranteed quality. Red Dingo is one of the most widely praised manufacturers of pet ids in Australia. They rely on only proven materials and methods of manufacture to create products that will serve you and your pet effectively for years. All pet id tags are made from solid stainless steel that never rusts, and goes through severe quality control to ensure perfection before they hit the market. 

Affordable prices. We want our pet tags to be available for every pet owner and their furry companion. Our prices are reasonable, and the quality of products meet industry standards. 

Should anything happen to the pet ID tag you got from PetIDTags, be sure to contact us right away! 

Browse through PetIDTags selection right away to discover the best tag for your cat or dog. We offer the widest array of products to choose from and are certain that you will discover the one that matches your and your pet’s needs - and character!