Your Pet Deserves the Very Best!

Australian & New Zealand Pet Lovers can now get your Pet ID Tags from PetIDTag to keep your  furry friends safe. 

Remember the quoted price includes the engraving, and delivery.

Why Does Your Pet need a Pet ID Tag?

Did you know that one-third of pets get lost or stolen? If that happened to your pet, I am sure you would want to do everything possible to make sure they could come home safely and quickly. A Dog Tag or Cat Tag that identifies who your pet belongs to will mean he or she can be returned to you without delay. 

Instant recognition - when your pet tag is personalised, the chances of having them returned to you quickly are increased - saving you and your dog or cat of lot of stress and trauma. 

Affordable additional layer of safety for your pet - even if your pet is microchipped, your pet's home can be quickly identified without the need to take them to the vet for identification.  

Don’t delay - it's so easy and affordable to arrange one of our pet tags for your little explorer so that you know that even if they wander off, they can be returned home as quickly as possible.

Available to all pet lovers across Australia & New Zealand!

What Are Our Customers Saying?

What info can be engraved on your Pet ID Tag?

You can get as creative as you like when it comes to the info that can be engraved on your pet tag. Many owners still like to include their pet's name, (and/their name), plus address and phone number(s).  The key is to make sure that anyone who finds your pet can find you, and/or your home quickly. 

Commonly, pet owners include:

Pet’s name


Contact phone number/s

In addition you could include:

Pet’s medical needs (eg diabetic)

Vet's phone number

Other info eg "I am deaf"

The most important thing is to make sure the tag is engraved with the necessary info that will secure a safe return  home!

Remember the quoted price includes the engraving, and delivery.

Why Select Pet ID Tag?

Personal service. For PetIDTag, this is more than a job - what drives us is our genuine love and care for pets and their owners. Our goal is to ensure that our clients can get the best  quality tag that will last a lifetime to keep their pet safe.

Raising Awareness. PetIDTag strives to educate the community about what it takes to be a good pet owner and what being a responsible pet owner means.

Community work. We know that despite the greatest efforts of pet lovers around Australia, there are still many cats and dogs that end up in rescue situations. Through our partner Petsecure Pet Insurance we sponsor many of the hard working rescue organisations that do fabulous work to ensure a better quality of life for pets that have no home.

We also offer Rescue Pets a 20% discount. Enter Promo Code RESC20 to take advantage.

We strive to be the best in our business and to never disappoint our clients.

But don't take our word for it - check out the Google Reviews to see what some of our customers have to say about our Pet ID Tags.

Our Pet ID Tags Are The Best On The Market

In addition to our widely-praised customer service, we boast top quality products. Our pet ID tags are carefully designed to meet your specific needs and serve you for a lifetime. After a long review process, we partnered with Red Dingo as we found their dog tags and cat tags to be exceptional quality. 

Wide range of products. You can choose a PetIDTag that reflects the personality of your pet, or if you prefer something quite straightforward. It's up to you!  The key is to have a tag that will not drop off, and get destroyed in the rough and tumble of your pet's daily activities.  Our range includes everything from stainless steel tags, enamel, glitter, and diamante tags, to brass and plastic tags. They come in countless colours and designs and can be personalised and engraved as you wish.

Personalised pet tags. Pet ID Tag offers to its pet-lovers engraved pet tags and personalised pet tags so that you can give your furry friend a unique accessory. Whatever colour, design, shape, or material you can think of, rest assured that PetIDTag has an option for you to select from.

Reliable service. You can count on us to deliver your pet ID tags that you order in a timely manner.  We process orders immediated, and we use Australia Post to deliver around Australia.  This means that in normal situations, your tag will be with your from anywhere between 2-4 days.  

Guaranteed quality. Red Dingo is one of the most widely praised manufacturers of pet ids in Australia. They rely on only proven materials and methods of manufacture to create products that will serve you and your pet - and we guarantee our tags for a lifetime. Our pet id tags are made from solid stainless steel that never rusts, and goes through comprehensive quality control. 

Affordable prices. We want our pet tags to be available for every pet owner so we have made sure there is an option for all budgets. 

Remember the quoted price includes the engraving, and delivery.

Take a look through the PetIDTag selection to discover the best tag for your cat or dog. We offer a huge array of products to choose from and are certain that you will discover the one that matches your needs and your pet’s personality!