These are some of the questions we have been asked over the years.  If you have any other questions - please just email liz@petidtag.com.au

Q.  Does the tag come with a split ring to attach to the collar?

A.  Yes it certainly does!  Our split rings are pretty strong too.

Q.  Do you ship internationally?

A.  Yes.  We ship all around the world and do not charge additional postage.

Q.  What can I do if I change my mind?

A.  Once a tag has been engraved we are unable to provide refunds.  However once you place your order you will see an example of your selected tag and at that point have an opportunity to cancel or change your order.  If you cancel your order, we will provide a full refund.

Q.  How do I know which is the most suitable size tag for my pet?

A.  Please check out our size guide.  

Q.  How long does it take for a tag to be delivered?

A.  Tags are sent via Australia Post from Sydney, using normal bulk mail.  Please note that we do not accept Parcel Locker addresses. The time for delivery can vary, depending on location, but we normally expect that delivery is within the week.  Due to the variability (which is out of our control) we ask our clients to give 21 days for delivery.  Of course we hope you don't have to wait that long, and in the vast majority of cases delivery is much quicker.  

Q.  Do you offer tracking of the package?

A.  Unfortunately it is costly to offer tracking on these small items, and we do not want to increase the cost of the tags.  Therefore we rely upon Australia Post, and generally we not experience any issues with delivery.  Please note that we do not accept Parcel Locker addresses as these have proven to be unreliable.

Q. I'm in a rush - can I pick up my tag if I live in Sydney?

Our service is all online.  However your order is placed in the morning it will be processed and despatched the same day, and you can expect to receive it within 1-2 days through Australia Post.

Q. How can I contact you?

A.  You can find our contact details here.

Q.  Do you accept returns?

A.  If we have made an error, or there is an issue with the quality of the engraving we will happily replace it.  You just need to take a photo and send it to us so that we can see the issue, and we will organise a replacement straight away (if the request is reasonable of course!).  If you really don't want a replacement we will refund you if that is your preference. 

Q.  Can I send a tag (as a gift) to another address?

A.  Most definitely.  Just indicate the mailing address when you purchase your tag online.  We can send your tag to most countries around the world.

Q.  Do you offer any discounts?

A.  We offer discounts for rescue pets.  If you intend to purchase a tag for a rescue pet please email liz@petidtag.com.au and I will provide you with a promo code for the discount.

Q. What fonts do you use?

A. We use a simple ariel font, as we have found this provides the most readable text.  

We can also engrave Chinese, Korean and Japanese letters by choosing the respective fonts and all accents on letters. 

Our stainless steel tags, are laser engraved with no colour, as per the examples below. 

And here are a couple of examples of our engraved plastic tags!
Our plastic tags are very durable, and the engraving is very sharp!