Brass Pet Tags

Engraved brass pet ID tags are the best way to ensure the return of your furry friend in case they get lost. Brass tags are durable, solid, and can be engraved to contain any information about you and the pet you deem important. At PetIDTags, we provide a rich array of brass pet tags for you to choose from, based on their size and shape. 

We have years of experience providing and engraving brass dog tags so you can count on us to deliver a high-quality brass tag with black infill and easily readable lettering. We understand that our job is to make sure that you get you lost furry companion home safe and sound, as soon as possible. Our job is to create a brass pet ID tag that anyone will be able to read with ease. At PetIDTags, brass pet tags come in a multitude of shapes and designs. From more minimalistic designs shaped like fish, dog bone, cat head or heart, to a bit more detailed like dog face, cat face, fire hydrant, and dog house - our brass tags are created to satisfy your creative needs and match your pet’s personality. 

All brass ID tags from PetIDTags can be engraved to hold the most essential info about the pet, their name, medical records and home address, along with your phone number where the lucky finder can reach you. Browse through our selection of brass ID tags and find the one that you think will best match your needs and your pet’s unique character!