Stainless Steel Pet Tags

Are you worried that the name tag you get for your pet will get easily damaged and will not serve its purpose? If you choose one of our stainless steel tags, this will not be an issue! Stainless steel pet ID tags are chew, scratch, and rust-proof, which means that they cannot get damaged on its own, nor by your pet. We partner with Red Dingo, known in industry circles for manufacturing stainless steel pet tags that exceed expectations. They set the bar high for their competitors and help improve the overall quality of products that are created for you and your pet.

Stainless steel tags are also a preferable choice because they can be easily engraved and customised to meet the owner’s and pet’s specific needs. Whatever you believe should be included on the stainless steel dog tag, we can inscribe it. In most cases, pet owners choose to write the pet’s name, address and phone number, but you can also include a personalised message and your pet’s medical needs.

PetIDTag is known for fair pricing and quality products. What sets us apart is the diversity of range, especially when it comes to our stainless steel pet tags. In case you wanted something unique, browse through our products selection and choose whether you would like to get one of the classic ones like circle, rectangular, or heart-shaped stainless steel tags or you prefer something more unique, such as the name tags shaped like a bone, fish, dog house, dog face, cat head, or a fire hydrant.