Plastic Pet ID Tags

Are you hesitant about getting a name tag for your pet because you think they are just too loud and annoying? Then we have got a solution for you - plastic tags that make no noise at all! Whether you want one for your dog, cat, puppy, or kitten, you cannot go wrong with a plastic pet tag. The material is durable and resistant, which means it will serve you for years. It is also perfect for engraving so we at PetIDTag can carve on it any information you believe is important. 

Plastic pet tags are necessary for all pets - those who live in apartment buildings and suburban homes. They can easily get lost during a walk in the park, as well as run away from your backyard. However, if they have one of our plastic dog tags around their necks, they will be easy to distinguish from a stray on the street and the person who discovers them will be able to return your pet to you in no time. 

Choose PetID Tag as your provider of plastic tags and have anything you want to be engraved! We advise all of our clients to include the pet’s name, address, and your phone number so that anyone can reach you when they find your pet. If you wish, you can include a personalised message, info on whether the pet is chipped, and their medical needs.