Glitter Pet ID Tags

We are particularly proud of our rich selection of glitter tags that are likely to amaze even those who didnโ€™t think they were much into sparkle. All of our glitter pet ID tags are made from first-grade materials and can be discovered in multiple colours.ย 

At PetIDTag, we offer an array of glitter pet ID tags to go with your furry companionโ€™s personality. We offer a variety of colours, shapes, sizes, and designs so that any pet owner who comes our way can discover a unique glitter pet tag and say - this one looks like itโ€™s been made for my Fluffy!ย 

Since the first day we established PetIDTag, our ultimate goal has been to offer to our client's both practical and appealing pet tags. We continue to expand our product offer which contains glitter tags manufactured by some of the greatest names in the industry. Check out our offer and be sure that no matter which of the glitter pet ID tags you choose, they are guaranteed to serve their important purpose for years!ย