Diamante Pet ID Tags

When only the best will do for your fur friend! We want to ensure that you get the quality your pet deserves.  Each of the tags from this selection is enriched with a unique choice of diamantes, strategically placed to give the tag a spark and elevate the beauty of the design. 

No matter if you live in an apartment or a suburban home with a big yard, chances are the same for your pet to get lost and wander off far from home. How will you ever find them? Yes, you can drive around, calling out their name, but Australian cities are big, the streets are wide - and chances of finding them on your own are slim. But if they have their diamante pet tag around the neck, someone will get to them and call to let you know that your pet is safe and sound.  

Wouldn’t you like a pet ID tag that will be both practical and beautiful? Then diamante pet tags are the perfect choice for your little companion. At PetIDTag we offer a variety of diamante petIDtags that are certain to ideally match your cat or dog’s personality. They are durable, effective, and come in a range of designs. Skim through our selection and opt for a dog bone, heart, bird, fish, or more simplistic rectangular or circle shaped ones.